Thoughts on The 2015 Grammies Fallout

Thoughts on the Grammies: Kanye West was rude and childish but I don’t think a pejorative look at Beyonce vs. Beck and how the records were produced gets us anywhere.  I think I’m talking about all the aftermath and fallout I’ve read more than the original event. What Kanye did was seriously uncool. But the comparisons between Beck & Beyonce’s albums based on how many people wrote and recorded them is just specious. They’re both very good, quite beautiful records, and were written and produced in vastly different ways.
How things are written and produced doesn’t automatically grant a status to an album or call artistic merit into question. Some of the criticism of Kanye (and by extension Beyonce) has struck me as close to racism and made me feel uncomfortable. His was just the first sin, saying such ridiculous things about “respecting artistry” when talking about a popularity contest.
All this dissing of Kanye and Beyonce’s music and who made what and how just gets us more estranged, not closer. Because Beck wrote, sang and played all his parts doesn’t necessarily make it a better record than Beyonce’s. There’s genius in picking producers, material and collaborators too. I’ve played and sung and produced everything on a couple of my own records and never once thought that gave it artistic gravitas in comparison to other records. “McCartney” (the solo record), is not better than Abbey Road.