The Right Wing Conundrum

The primaries bring out the extremists, nutters and other arch-conservative flotsam & jetsam; whereas Americans vote in the general election. Because of this, the GOP will forever nominate candidates that have catered to this far right and won the primaries. The Giuliani remarks drew a sad dismissal from most Americans. yet the right wing media machine (the monolith that deeply affects the GOP presidential sweepstakes) and its followers jumped on it as if were gospel truth. The conclusion to all this?

The GOP will continue to nominate unelectable candidates in presidential politics, and it certainly looks like they’re at it again. Good news for Democrats and rational Americans, although our current two party system continues to offer politicians essentially cut from the same cloth. Is there a real alternative in America? Sadly, no. So we continually end up with the lesser of two evils and think we’ve won. Although Obama has been a real refreshment in most areas to that fundamental reality. We won’t have a president this bright with his level of understanding and awareness again in our lifetime.