How To Doubt Our Institutions 101

Even if you tried–even if you held a nationwide contest on 1980s-era sexist credentials–you could not find 11 men more out of touch with America’s current socio-sexual culture than the 11 Republicans on the Judiciary Committee.

They can somehow wait more than a year to fill a SCOTUS vacancy when Merrick Garland was nominated, not even giving him a meeting, but now, when there are legitimate claims that this guy Kavanaugh has done some things that might have been criminal in nature, there MUST be a vote Friday–no investigation, no interviewing other people present, no interviewing a second accuser. And they don’t have the balls to ask Dr. Ford questions themselves; they’ve hired what McConnell called “a female assistant”–actually an accomplished female attorney.

THIS is precisely how we erode our institutions as a nation; now half the country will forever suspect Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh (a nominee in the pocket of a corrupt president) as not being who he says he is and therefore possibly not ruling fairly on our most vital issues. What a colossal fuckjob. Disgusting.