Dr. Ford’s Ordinary Honesty Is Culturally Devastating

Without guile or calculated preparation, Dr. Christine Ford has forever altered our culture, illuminating the fear and anxiety that a victim of sexual assault forever endures. Her ordinary honesty explodes the Republicans’ rush to confirmation, ends Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS ambitions and even jeopardizes his position as a DC Circuit Court judge.ford

I’ve spent my adult life in conscious pursuit of empathy and understanding for anyone “other” than myself–in gender, race, ethnicity, religion, and status. Witnessing and understanding the lives of others is also firmly in my job description as a writer of songs and prose. When it comes to women and sexual assault of any severity, it’s clear I’ve understood little and empathized less. Any man who doesn’t think he has work to do in this area remains in a form of self-delusion, culturally deaf.