America and Kavanaugh: Our Growing Plutarchy

There are nearly 1000 federal judges in our Court of Appeals system, in every part of this very large, voluminously populated country. Why is it then that the two most recent nominations for the Supreme Court (Gorsuch and Kavanaugh–forget the badly maligned Merrick Garland) have attended the same private high school? And why is it that Kavanaugh and George W. Bush were in the same Yale fraternity?

This country is now so nakedly obvious in its political workings as nothing more than a plutarchy–a rare combination of not just being governed or ruled by the extremely wealthy (plutocracy) or conversely the very few who came to power by any means necessary (oligarchy)…but by BOTH! The wealthy, powerful few, and their path to power is so well staked, with being born into the right family as the fast lane.

Things are slowly changing, however, and hopefully changing for good. For instance: We’ll truly know these changes are real when it’s more damaging to hang around with youthful sex abusers (or be one yourself) than it is to be a sexually abused woman.