Detroit-area musician Stewart Francke — a blue-eyed soul singer/songwriter and guitarist whose inspirations include classic R&B, garage rock, roots rock, and folk — has been releasing albums since the early ’90s. Throughout the years he’s headlined his own shows with his stellar band of Detroit’s finest players, highlighted by opening gigs for dozens of national acts, from Sheryl Crow to Steve Earle. In 2011 He recorded a duet with Bruce Springsteen, “Summer Soldier.” After being diagnosed with leukemia in 1998, Francke continued to fight and eventually beat his disease. He continues to write and record, focusing his energy into his family, his craft and bone marrow donor activism.

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STEWART FRANCKE – MIDWESTERN: The Very Best Of Stewart Francke 1995-2015, HIS 15th CD is OUT NOW

New CD is available worldwide by Blue Boundary/Burnside Distribution

Compiled from 20 years of studio albums, Midwestern features 16 of Stewart’s finest work plus two new and unreleased songs.  “When we went back through all 14 releases,” Francke says, “and put these songs together as a whole, it quickly formed its own identity as a record. The collection came alive with a few recurring themes that are present lyrically. It’s a lifetime of musical peaks that work together.”

“This entire creative struggle — kickstarter funding campaigns, trying to stay healthy, getting the music right then trying to make it even stronger — is what it’s about. You realize you’re trying to top not just your younger self, but also the legacies and legends that have passed you in time: Your heroes; your heroines, even if it’s in vain. Rock and Roll still holds transformative power to me…it still has the ability to not just send you; it can change your circumstances.”

“Thank God for Stewart Francke. Thank God for his feeling, healing music, for the sweetness of his soul, the sincerity of his songs, the strength of his vision. Wheel Of Life is enriching, nourishing music — music as faith, music as celebration, music whose source is clear and joyful love.”  — David Ritz, author of Ray, the Ray Charles Story and Divided Soul: The Marvin Gaye Story