Seasons Greeting to friends & fans…Please check this rockin’, exciting show out as a Christmas time possibility, between Christmas and NYE. It is entertaining on so many levels–straight up jaw dropping musicianship, humor, sharing a bit of this tradition in an informational way…all lovers of rock’n’roll, boogie-woogie, blues, jump blues, stride piano, jazz–you’ll love these guys in a terrific intimate setting.

Boogie Stomp! is a celebration of all that’s good and true in music—authentic American piano music as played by what I can only call two American Masters, with its own life affirming point of view, deep history, and freedom from the traps of age, fashion, era, whatever. Pure music. In this age of endlessly catering to juvenilia, Boogie Stomp! Is a vibrant, highly entertaining antidote.


I need to make known this small disclaimer, although my exuberance for this show is not increased by our friendship. When I was 19, I had two once-in-a-lifetime mentors. First was Boogie Bob Baldori, as he was then known, who put me in his band when I was greener than green—I could play just a lick and didn’t even know my name. He taught me everything–how to work an audience, how to play bass in the pocket, how to wrap a cord after a gig, how to listen to each other on stage, how to write a business plan for recording budgets, how to breathe when singing and playing, how to employ dynamics, feel and meter. He taught me where the back of the beat is. He turned me on to Howlin Wolf, Robert Johnson, Henry Adams and Luis Bunuel. He took me to Chicago repeatedly to see the best blues acts—James Cotton and Luther Allison—and meet these nefarious characters deep inside the music business.

As a bandleader, Bob was a real taskmaster on dynamics and time–not just rushing & dragging but staying just on the back of the beat and treating 1 & 3 with more nuance than 2 & 4, which had to fall just behind the beat. Backbeat rock’n’roll. Because that’s when the people cannot sit still. Through Bob and his band I was soon playing bass on several dates with Chuck Berry and many other greats of early rock and blues, who reiterated all Bob had taught me about syncopation, feel, vocal clarity and what it is to live an artistic life.

Bob was already Michigan rock royalty before ever even working with Chuck Berry and the birth of Boogie Stomp!, scoring a Top 10 US hit in 1966 with his revered band The Woolies, covering Bo Diddley’s seminal “Who Do You Love” with producer Lou Adler. He then became one of Berry’s most indispensable sidemen and friends for 45 years, playing with rock’s founder everywhere from the White House to the Silverdome over the last five decades.

Now, in just a couple weeks, Baldori and Migliazza have added a Boogie Stomp! holiday performance in the Detroit area at the Steinway Gallery on Maple (15 Mile) near highway 5 in the northwest suburbs.

It’s a simple premise, really—two pianists, Bob Baldori & Arthur Migliazza, playing thunderous stride, boogie-woogie, blues and rock’n’ roll on twin Steinway concert grand pianos. Between songs they talk and laugh about their lives, long careers and musical influences with an anecdotal ease that creates that rarest of things—the artists and audience in a shared revelry. A higher love.
As performing musicians, it’s what we all strive for with every show.

Is it blues? Jump blues? R&B? Roots Rock & Roll? Stride? Boogie-Woogie? Americana? Jazz? It’s all that and more–including the historical oral tradition of the shaman, elder or high priest, sharing their years of experience. Most importantly, Boogie Stomp! illuminates that long river of American music right before our eyes and ears, played with the vigor of 23 year olds.

Baldori & Migliazza have had an incredible year, with shows from New York City’s Birdland to Moscow’s Tchaikovsky Hall to The Hamptons, Chautauqua, Toronto, Tucson and many others. The two artists are also finishing up a new CD over the holidays, and announcing upcoming dates for 2017 around the same time.

Now together in Boogie Stomp!, Baldori & Migliazza are a boogie woogie rock & roll freight train. You really have to see it and hear it yourself–a must see this holiday season. — Thanks to all of you for a great year and here’s to a rockin’ 2017–w/ love, Stewart Francke

December 28, 2016 Detroit, MI (US)
Buy ticket – $20 – $80
VIP (includes Reserved Seat / CD / DVD / Afterglow with Artist – wine & cheese) +$100.00
Reserved +$35.00
General +$25.00
Student / Senior +$15.00

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Venue : Steinway Gallery of Detroit
Address : 2700 E. West Maple Road, Commerce Twp, MI 48390
Phone : 248-560-9200
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“Explosively memorable. This show is the most satisfying theatre experience everyone should have the opportunity to see. Get your mojo working and fire it up, with Boogie Stomp!” – The Knockturnal

“Boogie Stomp! Transcends being simply a concert and becomes a meaningful and completely engaging exploration of the connection between history, art, pop culture and craftsmanship.” – Theatre Is

“This show gets every audience member dancing in their seat. Boogie Stomp! is two hours of non-stop fun.” –

“BOOGIE STOMP! is a journey you will be glad you took – educational, inspirational, and just plain fun.” –


Detroit-area musician Stewart Francke — a blue-eyed soul singer/songwriter and guitarist whose inspirations include classic R&B, garage rock, roots rock, and folk — has been releasing albums since the early ’90s. Throughout the years he’s headlined his own shows with his stellar band of Detroit’s finest players, highlighted by opening gigs for dozens of national acts, from Sheryl Crow to Steve Earle. In 2011 He recorded a duet with Bruce Springsteen, “Summer Soldier.” After being diagnosed with leukemia in 1998, Francke continued to fight and eventually beat his disease. He continues to write and record, focusing his energy into his family, his craft and bone marrow donor activism.

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“This entire creative struggle — kickstarter funding campaigns, trying to stay healthy, getting the music right then trying to make it even stronger — is what it’s about. You realize you’re trying to top not just your younger self, but also the legacies and legends that have passed you in time: Your heroes; your heroines, even if it’s in vain. Rock and Roll still holds transformative power to me…it still has the ability to not just send you; it can change your circumstances.”

“Thank God for Stewart Francke. Thank God for his feeling, healing music, for the sweetness of his soul, the sincerity of his songs, the strength of his vision. Wheel Of Life is enriching, nourishing music — music as faith, music as celebration, music whose source is clear and joyful love.”  — David Ritz, author of Ray, the Ray Charles Story and Divided Soul: The Marvin Gaye Story